Leg 14 (Feb 5): Destin – Pensacola beach, 74 km, elevation 124 m. Total distance 1432 km.
Nice warm morning, 19C (65F), late start (10 AM) due to the short ride. Nice strong tailwind (6-7 m/s), really love that! Heading out of Destin was not fun as the first 40 km mostly lacked bikelanes combined with heavy traffic out on 98. When turning off the 98 and out on Santa Rosa Island at Navarre Beach Marine Park the ride turned out to be the best one yet! Excellent bikelines, super nice surface, hardly any traffic, nice and warm and not least, a wonderful tailwind. Biking through Gulf Island National Seashore was probably the best ride ever in my life, wifey called it a 12 on a 10 grade scale (Wifey turning into a bicycle rider nr. 2). Almost effortlessly rolling at 27-28 km/h (17 mph) I hear Frida saying ”You could go a little faster if it’s ok with you (Wifey turning into a bicycle rider nr. 3).
Almost sad reaching our destination, shit that was a beautiful ride. Topped it off with a beautiful 10k run down in the western part of Gulf Island National Seashore.
Frida, being in charge of dining places, picked café NOLA tonight. Wonderful fish basket and the best barbequed cajun shrimp I’ve ever had. Tomorrow a little longer ride, leaving Florida after 21 days and entering Alabama, with two nights on Dauphin Island.