Leg 58 Laguna Beach – Long Beach (Apr 8): 37 km, climb 199 m. Total distance 5880 km.
Shortest ride on the entire trip today. A blast riding through Laguna Beach in the morning with all the steep (but short) climbs and steep down hills. Coming out of Laguna Beach we found Crystal Cove State Park where we spent some time since we had such a short ride. Absolutely amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and a bike trail lined with fields of blooming California Sun Flower and Mustard. Hummingbirds, squirrels and chipmunks along the trail. Seeing the vast Pacific Ocean creates an itch in me for Polynesia…
Very nice bike trails most of the ride. Unfortunately a lot of people when passing through Huntington beach. There are some serious beaches there! Fun to see how the sand tries to reclaim the trails…
Coming in early to tonights Inn we headed out for some time at the beach, first time during our entire trip. Nice to lay in the sand and relax to the sound of breaking waves. Nope, no swimming, enough of that Saturday. Tomorrow the final leg of the journey. Mixed feelings; so looking forward to see the kids again (three months is a long time), the cats, the house and get back to work, but I’ll miss this simple but physically demanding way of life…

Morning roller coaster ride in Laguna Beach

Coming out on a short section of Highway 1

California Sun Flowers

Gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean

Now that’s a bike trail

The sand reclaiming the trail

Some serious beaches in Huntington Beach

Yup, great trails