Leg 54 Calexico – Boulevard (Apr 1): 102 km, climb 1364 m. Total distance 5518 km.
Entering the final part of our adventure, and a great adventure should have a great finale. Today we left the flat areas around Calexico located at, and somewhat below, sea level heading into the Laguna Mountains east of San Diego. After approximately 55 km we entered the mountain range and up we went! Todays climb was 1364 m, and we did it in 38C/100F and it was dead calm making it very hot! Our clothes completely soaked with sweat reaching the top. Consumed around 7 liters of fluid during the ride… Really spectacular climbing among the barren burnt mountain sides with the air trembling in the heat. Some parts were so steep I wished for even higher gears on my bike. Must admit I loved every single bit of it! So impressed by the way Frida handled todays ride, actually her first long steep climb! Tomorrow we’ll have some more climbing, but there will be a net descent of almost 1100 meters, little more comfy…

Burnt desert ground but blooming bushes

Entering Yuha Desert

Up into the Laguna Mountains

Frida pushing 1100 m climb. Very focused, tired and somewhat warm…

Todays ride