Leg 47 Sierra Vista – Nogales (Mar 23): 106 km, climb 611 m. Total distance 4747 km.
Today was most likely the best ride this far. Nice morning with some scattered clouds but dead calm. The first 11 km along Buffalo Soldier road was down hill and then we turned up on Arizona State Route 82 which we basically stayed on all day. To begin with the scenery was mostly desert but heading up along the 82 it rapidly changed into first prarie with huge grass clad fields and during the second half we saw a lot of trees on rolling hills, trees with tender small leafs. And, of course, the ever present surrounding mountains.
One hour after lunch in Sonoita we came to Patagonia, a small village where Frida had googled there was a bird sanctuary known for their many hummingbirds. For you not knowing Frida I may explain she loves animals in general and birds in particular. We spent one and a half hour at the sanctuary (Tucson Audobon Society’s Paton Center for Hummingbirds) and saw a lot of different hummingbirds (they are awesome!) and a plethora of other birds. It was almost touching to see how happy and emotionally exhausted she was after being around those birds
Today something special happened. This far I’ve been the pathfinder and pacemaker, and when necessary windbreaker, but today after our first break Frida took the lead and I was completely comfortable with the speed. Wifey has now turned into a full fledged long distance biker! Can also add that she during the ride a couple of days ago said she can’t wait to bike through Australia…

Another beautiful morning

Our wonderful bikes taking a fruit break

Diverge country – Adventure country

Itchy itchy

Hills and green trees – yay!

Last break for the day (except for the one after me running over a 5 cm long nail…)